the squeaky pickle gets the cheese

The Squeaky Pickle lives!!

Hello my droogies, welcome to what I hope will be one of your weirdest regular stops on the whirl wide innernets. I promise to bring you a broad scope of entertainment and information on the lifestyles and proclivities of PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU.

Sometimes interesting and enlightening, but often ridiculous and childish. Usually funny, occasionally plain stupid. My friends will write here too, ranging from the professional comedy writer and author to likely-insane regular people with a perspective I thought was worth sharing.

We’ll cover every topic we can think of and ignore the ones we want. We are the brave new test pilots of new media and here is where we make our stand to do things our way – or what?

My name is John Wessling, I’m the head writer and managing editor of this little experiment. I hope to make you laugh and think…at least laugh.

Here’s some videos I made at my last (and occasionally current) gig, bushleague.tv

Stay tuned for more comedy news, odd music and the best satire on the internet.


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