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Nice Weekend…Better Monday

My regularly scheduled programming will not be seen at this time. Instead I bring you a special broadcast of a bad-ass jam.

See, that wasn’t so bad. My schedule changes drastically…like a broken bicycle chain. Monday has a different drum beat and there is no long commute.

Today I stay home and wear slippers, taking this opportunity to google search the model and serial numbers of all my daughters toys. I KNOW at least a few things have some lead in them. I recognize the taste from my blissfully unregulated childhood.

But just like the stock market, the baby accoutrement market also suffers from a influx of shoddy chinese imports.

Our house is actually choked with copious baby toys for children from the age of none to two, and in past years these toys and jumpers and strollers and rockers and walkers were like a renewable resource. If you bought it new, you could sell it used or at least consider it a good high value gift for others.

Thanks to the lead situation, nobody wants to buy anything kid-related used. Gifts of this nature are no longer accepted. It’s the same as bringing a sloshing barrel of nuclear waste to a birthday party.

So now we are stuck with all this baby shit. It’s no comfort that millions of other parents are stuck in the same predicament…what the hell are we supposed to do with this crap? Any ideas?

The weather is changing…getting cooler…even chilly. Which is awesome because there is nothing cuter on Earth than a two-year old in a hoodie. Luckily we have a thousand of them.

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