the squeaky pickle gets the cheese

NASCAR, America’s leading economic indicator

Attendance at NASCAR races are at a shocking ten year low…after setting record highs only two years ago.

Countless new mega speedways have been built across the country to facilitate the hundreds of thousands of expected fans, but now that the economy is in the shitter – all those Joe Sixpack, regular race-lovin’ folks are broke as fuck working three jobs each and can’t afford to party naked in the Daytona infield anymore.

You can’t root for the Tony Stewart number 20 Home Depot car when you have to work there on a Saturday…

…and I don’t mean inside with a fancy orange smock, I mean outside on the curb with the illegals.

When you see them in the RV now its because the house got foreclosed on, or completely destroyed in a hurricane.

I have no data to back up my claims, I don’t believe in numbers. I make shit up from my gut.

I think in last weeks race, The Dead Bank 450, the order of finish was exactly the opposite of the sponsors stock prices on Wall St.

If anyone would have been in the stands to see it, the irony would’ve been lost on them.

Keep 3 in your heart.

It ain’t the same since we lost Senior.


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