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Sports Inaction

January 15, 2009

Hey there sports fans and avid Squeaky Pickle readers! I watched enough ESPN, NFL Network and Fox Sports Net today to consider myself an expert in the world of athletic competition, let me peel my fat-ass out of the me-shaped dent in the couch and take you on a short tour of all things SPORT… […]

Dear Classic Rock Radio Programmers,

January 11, 2009

Hi guys, John Wessling here…long-time listener, long-time caller. The reason I’m writing you this letter is because I’ve been a fan for my whole life and I’m getting a little bored with your playlists. Seriously, you guys are phoning it in. Don’t get defensive, we can all tell that you haven’t done anything new – […]


November 19, 2008

Thanks to the Great American Manic-Depression of 2008, millions of people have lost their jobs and many more are due to receive the shit-end of the stick in the short months to come. Many of these hard-working citizens are the last ones who deserved to get screwed over like this, and that has caused more […]

Nice Weekend…Better Monday

October 6, 2008

My regularly scheduled programming will not be seen at this time. Instead I bring you a special broadcast of a bad-ass jam. See, that wasn’t so bad. My schedule changes drastically…like a broken bicycle chain. Monday has a different drum beat and there is no long commute. Today I stay home and wear slippers, taking […]